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Mark Me

Mark me and turn my strawberry milk skin red, black and purple
Mark me when you’re looking you best
Mark me with those canines of yours
Mark me to show the world
Mark me and watch me melt to your desire
Mark me and I will mark you
Mark me so I can remember

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It’s been too long Tumblr!

I’ve been so busy, I’ve moved, settled in and moved again!

But, it’s all good, I’ve got a place at Winchester School of Art now :D Studying Fine Art, cannot wait till I start!

Got a job which I’m starting tomorrow :)

It’s nice to get back into this organised routine, I love it, I’m finally doing what I want to do and it’s great and things are just going to get better! 
Going to get money, which means I can actually go out an enjoy myself and live properly aswell :) Liam just needs a job then we can both save up this year to finally get our own place, it’s awesome to see things set in place for my future :D

Good luck Liam and do your best at your job interviews tomorrow :) <3

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2 notes 2 years ago

I can’t wait to move out of this hell hole called my home.

Everyone is saying, when I go to uni choose one closer to home so then you wont have to move out, it’ll be cheaper.

Yes, you’re right it will be cheaper, but I’d rather be struggling and in debt trying to live by myself then have to spend one more year at home.

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Kinda wish you never called…

Walk out of my life for nearly two months when you’ve been in my life for 7 years and you expect me to be normal about that?

Sorry let me go grab my sheep outfit so I can conform

Notes 2 years ago

Things I need to write down before I forget

Wednesday - Zumba with Connie 7 - 8
Thursday - Pay off London trip and give Jack his £10 and Trivium gig 6 - 11
Friday - Assignment critique

Monday - Cinema with George, Immortals

Events that happened in the past week that I need to remember:-

Saw Connie and AJ for the first time in months. They still think of me as a friend thankfully. 

Keep Connie close, as George has told me that the other night while he was working Connie told him about how she was looking forward to doing the Zumba class, and that she was saying how I’ve changed, how I look better and how she thinks I am better now. She even said in George’s words “she said, “So, I think you and Chloe should, you know?” and “Are you two going to get back together?”. She sounded like she was trying to put in a good word for you” Apparently she said stuff like that, she made me feel something I hadn’t felt for awhile, in shock that she said stuff like that, after a brief get together, made me cry with happiness and for that I really want to see her more, unlike before we were distant. I also really want to somehow find out what George’s reply to Connie’s questions, but not sure how.

Don’t discard everything Chris has said to me.
Go with the flow but be careful.

On another note, Skyrim is awesome! I really want it for myself but I haven’t got a console to play it on and my laptop or the desktop don’t have the requirements to run it :’( Thinking of buying my own desktop.

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I’m the luckiest girl in the world, my closest friend and the person who I have passionate sex is the one I love!

If only he felt the same for me.

Am I lucky or am I just torturing myself? 

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I wish I saved all the tears I cried for you so I could fucking drown you in them.

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Another fucking boring day with no-where to go, no-one to see, and fed up of doing the same old thing…

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Know what sucks?


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This is exactly what is happening to me -.- Fucking ASSHOLES!

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