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It’s been too long Tumblr!

I’ve been so busy, I’ve moved, settled in and moved again!

But, it’s all good, I’ve got a place at Winchester School of Art now :D Studying Fine Art, cannot wait till I start!

Got a job which I’m starting tomorrow :)

It’s nice to get back into this organised routine, I love it, I’m finally doing what I want to do and it’s great and things are just going to get better! 
Going to get money, which means I can actually go out an enjoy myself and live properly aswell :) Liam just needs a job then we can both save up this year to finally get our own place, it’s awesome to see things set in place for my future :D

Good luck Liam and do your best at your job interviews tomorrow :) <3

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90s anyone?

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young heezy = perfection

This isn’t Young Heezy!? O.o

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